Vaccines FAQs

Pets may need regular vaccinations to protect them against deadly diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper, etc. However, some pet owners don't know the available vaccination options and their importance. Our vet at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, in Murrieta, CA, knows the answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding pet vaccinations.

Vaccines FAQs

It is likely a good idea to vaccinate your pet to protect it from hard-to-treat diseases and avoid spreading them to other pets and humans.

Typically, the pet’s vaccines contain a dead, weakened or non-infectious version of an otherwise deadly disease. After injection, the non-infectious disease triggers the pet’s immune system to recognize it as an enemy and produce antibodies to fight it. As a result, its immune system is able to fight off the active version of the disease in the future should the pet become exposed to it.

Generally, there are core and non-core vaccinations for dogs and cats. The core vaccines can help protect or reduce the severity of highly contagious and fatal diseases in your four-legged companions.

Some vaccines can be ideal for all cats and dogs, regardless of their lifestyle. Some non-core vaccines are administered to pets at risk of contracting specific infections. For instance, if you have an outdoorsy dog, you should vaccinate him against certain diseases he may encounter outdoors.

The frequency of vaccinations may depend on various factors like the pet’s age, the current state of health, breed, and lifestyle, among other factors. Our vet in Murrieta, CA, will examine your animal and advise you on the right vaccinations for your pet and the frequency of administration.

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