Cancer Screening


Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is proud to make available new technology for screening for cancer in the lumps and bumps

on your pet. Introducing HT Vista, a revolutionary, non-invasive imaging technology that examines certain masses in dogs only. We hope in the near future this technology will be available for other species. Within 15 minutes we can know if the growth is benign with 98% certainty. If it cannot tell us with certainty that it is benign, then further investigation is needed, such as a cytology or removal with histopathology.

Currently, HT Vista cannot scan tumors on all areas of the body. Areas that cannot be scanned include lymph nodes, facial masses, feet, mammary glands, and masses that are bleeding or severely inflamed. In the future more algorithms will support scanning in these areas.

How does it work? HT Vista is designed to use heat diffusion Imaging and with an AI based algorithm it recognizes cancer cells by their unique dynamic heat signature. Visit https://companionanimalhealth.... for more information.


Another method of screening for cancer cells is through cytology. We now have a revolutionary platform, that utilizes remote-enabled technologies to provide you real-time clinical pathology services. This technology enables board-certified clinical pathologists to remotely access our microscope to perform clinical pathology services as if they are evaluating the sample right in our hospital and let us know the results within a few hours.

Which means we no longer have to send out the samples we take of the growths on your pet and wait days before getting an answer. This service is available for all pets. This screening is a little more invasive, as we do have to place a needle into the growth, but it should not hurt any more than getting a vaccine. 

If you are interested in having your pet scanned or a cytology performed call us at 951-595-7754 to schedule your appointment today.

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