Vaccinations From Murrieta Family Pet Hospital

Veterinary care for your dog or cat should include a comprehensive vaccination plan to protect them from dangerous and even deadly diseases. Our veterinary care team at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital will evaluate your pet and your lifestyle and recommend the appropriate vaccines at the appropriate times.


Why Vaccinate?

Pet vaccines contain antigens that heighten your pet's immune system response when faced with disease. Thanks to pet vaccines, illnesses that used to be common can now be prevented. 

When Should Pets Receive Vaccines?

The smallest puppies and kittens begin strengthening their immune systems by nursing. By the time they reach seven or eight weeks old they should begin a series of vaccinations. Those vaccines will be given at three to four-week intervals until they reach sixteen weeks old. After the puppy and kitten stage, your pet should still visit Murrieta Family Pet Hospital annually for wellness checks and vaccines.

What Vaccines Do Dogs Need?

Our animal care team recommends a series of core vaccines for all dogs including shots against canine parvovirus, distemper, and canine hepatitis. Some vaccines should be repeated annually, and others are given at three-year intervals. There are some non-core vaccines available that dogs with certain lifestyles need. Dogs that visit dog parks, boarding kennels, and groomers may need the additional protection of the vaccine against kennel cough. And for dogs with exposure to ticks, there is a vaccine that can protect them from Lyme Disease.

What Vaccines Do Cats Need?

Core vaccines for cats include shots that prevent feline distemper, and feline herpesvirus type 1. There are non-core vaccines available against things like feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency disease. A veterinarian at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital can guide you on which non-core vaccines may be a fit for your pet. As with dogs, some vaccines are re-administered every year and others last for three years.

Do Pets Have Reactions to Vaccines?

Occasionally stimulating a pet's immune system with a vaccine may cause some soreness at the injection site or fever or an allergic reaction. Most reactions are mild and outweigh the risks of leaving a pet unprotected from debilitating diseases.

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