There may be times when your pet is going to need surgery. It can be routine, like spaying or neutering, or come out of necessity, such as with injury repair. If you live in Murrieta, CA, and your animal friend needs something done, you can bring him to a veterinarian near you on our Murrieta Family Pet Hospital team. We will help your pet get on the road to recovery.

Pet Surgery

What to Do Beforehand

Assuming that this isn't an emergency situation, the first thing you may be asked to do is have your pet fast beforehand. That means keeping them from eating or drinking for a certain amount of time before the surgery. 

You also need to be on time for the surgery. The vet has set aside a certain amount of time for the procedure and it's also necessary for the to prep the animal at the animal hospital as well. This includes determining the anesthesia. It's also courteous to both the staff and the other pet owners.

Also, be sure to ask questions beforehand. Learn what you can about what is going to be done and what the risks are. We will gladly answer your questions. We know you are nervous about your pet's well-being and we will do what we can to reassure you. 

What to Do during the Recovery

You will get a series of instructions from the vet about what you should do and your pet will likely have to wear a cone until any sutures come out. It's best to keep that on until we say it can come off. Taking it off early can hinder the healing process.

Set up a small area of your home for your pet to rest and recuperate. Limit his physical activity as directed. Be sure to also monitor your pet's behavior and surgical site. If he seems too lethargic for awhile after the surgery, or if there a lot of discharge from the stiches, it may be a good idea to contact a vet on our team.

With something like spaying or neutering, the recovery time is about two weeks. Other types may take longer or shorter. Following the directions will help ensure that your pet recuperates well and is back to their happy self so you can leave the whole ordeal behind you.

Get Spaying and Neutering from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

Our staff at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital knows is ready to help you prepare for your pet’s surgery. If you live in the Murrieta, CA, area and have a pet, you can contact us today to make an appointment and ask any questions. Call us at (951) 595-7754.

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