Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

A Guide to Pet Diagnostic Tests and Bloodwork

Animal or human, no one enjoys going to the doctor for bloodwork. When the need arises for pet bloodwork and pet diagnostic tests, understanding the need for the test is a key component in ensuring peace of mind before a vet visit and proper action after leaving the animal hospital. To make sure the diagnostic or bloodwork process moves as easily as possible, consider using Murrieta Family Pet Hospital for all of your veterinary care needs.


Pet Diagnostic Tests

A pet diagnostic test doesn't necessarily mean a problem is on the horizon. At your regular veterinary care visits, your pet is physically examined for overall health, but outward appearances can be deceiving. Running a few diagnostic tests allows the vet to get an overall picture of your pet's internal health, from the digestive system to the endocrine system and beyond.

Common diagnostic tests include examinations of your pet's fecal matter and urine to check for abnormalities. The fecal test includes checks for parasites in the digestive system, the presence of blood in the stool, and abnormal stools. A urine test can help identify potential diseases, like kidney problems, or a more routine bladder infection.

Sometimes, diagnostic tests follow the detection of an irregularity during a physical exam. In these instances, a lump or another red flag may present itself and lead the vet to request a biopsy for examination, bloodwork, or imaging. Imaging for pets includes familiar techniques like X-rays and ultrasounds of the whole body or a specific area of interest.


Bloodwork for Pets

A blood test may be used for heartworm detection or to run a blood count. Just like in humans, a blood panel can help show the signs of anemia or a body fighting infection or cancer. For some pets, these tests will detect developing health issues like diabetes or blood pressure problems. As a pet ages, the possibility of developing these disorders increases, making routine bloodwork a more regular part of an annual exam. Based on the results of a few basic diagnostic tests, your veterinarian may order additional tests, such as imaging.


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