Why You Should Call Your Vet Before Arriving

Why You Should Call Your Vet Before Arriving

When faced with a pet emergency, it can be challenging to stay calm and focused. While performing first aid to seeking help, you can easily be overwhelmed during a pet emergency. At Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, we want to help you and your pet when emergencies strike. One way is to contact your animal hospital immediately after emergencies strike. You need to know why calling your vet before arriving is essential.

What Is a Pet Emergency?

Any treatment needed to stop bleeding, restore normal breathing, or save your pet’s life is an emergency. Unlike routine health care, pet emergencies need immediate attention to reduce pain or save your pet’s life. The common symptoms of pet emergencies include:

  • Bloody vomit
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Traumatic accident

When you have a pet emergency, you can count on our veterinary team to do our best to restore your pet’s health.

Why Calling Before Arriving Is Important

Pet care starts after you contact our veterinary team. We give you instructions to handle the problem at home before arriving at our clinic. This care not only relieves pain but can be lifesaving. Furthermore, informing your animal clinic about your pet’s symptoms and medical history before arrival can better prepare them to treat your animal.  For some more serious injuries, we may need to send to the nearby specialist, if we do not have the proper equipment to handle the emergency.  Finally, your call helps our team prepare relevant diagnostics to devise a proper treatment plan.

Also, scheduling an appointment isn’t just for emergencies. Even when you are coming for routine care, booking an appointment is essential. This way, we reduce your waiting time, and it helps us plan better to give your animal the respect it deserves.

Pet Care Services in Murrieta, CA

You can always count on Murrieta Family Pet Hospital if you need emergency care, pet bloodwork, vaccines, and other services. We have the skills, experience, and technology to help your furry friend achieve its wellness goals. Running pet diagnostics will be simple and quick. Call our clinic to schedule an appointment at (951) 595-7754.

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