Common Pet Problems

Pet Problems

Cats and dogs can have health problems just like humans. You should frequently take your pet to the veterinarian for dental and health exams. This is essential as it allows for the prevention of many common pet health problems. Additionally, your pet’s health problems can be diagnosed early, making treatment much easier. Murrieta Family Pet Hospital provides unmatched pet healthcare services in Murrieta. Here are some common pet dental and health problems.

1. Pet Periodontal Disease

The most prevalent dental health issue for dogs is periodontal disease. This dental health issue starts when your dog’s mouth gets infected with periodontitis bacteria. This condition is typically detected in its advanced states. It usually causes gum disease, gum erosion, tooth loss, jaw bone loss, and chronic pain.

Some signs that your pet has periodontal disease are bad breath, discolored teeth, blood on chewing toys, and problems keeping food in the mouth. You can prevent periodontal disease by taking your pet for professional teeth cleaning once or twice a year and maintaining high standards of pet dental care.

2. Fleas

Fleas can have a drastic effect on your pet’s health. If you notice your cat or dog unusually scratching, biting, or licking their fur, they likely have fleas. If the flea infestation gets out of control, you will notice patch hair loss on your pet. Treatments for fleas include pet-friendly shampoos, pills, topical liquids, and sprays. You should maintain proper pet hygiene to prevent fleas.

3. Internal Parasites

Internal parasites like tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms are common for pets. Symptoms include weight loss, scooting, and diarrhea. Heartworms commonly infect dogs, and symptoms include reluctance to exercise, fatigue after mild activity, and mild persistent coughing.

When it comes to dealing with internal parasites in pets, prevention is the best approach. This is because, in most cases, the symptoms only occur when the worm infestation is in advanced stages. Make sure you deworm your pet every three months to prevent worn infestation.

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