Toxic Ingestion & Poison

Accidental poisonings are the most common way in which your pet might become poisoned. Dr. Telles at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital in Murrieta can help your furry friend recover from toxic ingestion of poisonous substances. We will perform a full diagnostic that includes blood work to determine what is ailing your family pet.

Many Household Items Pose a Threat

A lot of things around your home and in the garage could lead to pet poisoning. Antifreeze is one of the most common substances for pets to ingest. It has a sweet smell that could attract your pet and a sweet taste that might encourage your pet to continue drinking it.

Household cleaners, pesticides, and even houseplants could lead to accidental poisoning of your family pet. So could spoiled foods that have strong odors that could attract your pet’s attention. It always helps to go through your things and place potentially toxic or dangerous substances out of the reach of your family pets. In many ways, it is just like trying to protect children against accidental poisoning.

Signs of Possible Pet Poisoning

If you are concerned that your pet might have been poisoned by eating something toxic, the most obvious sign would be vomiting. If your pet suddenly becomes ill, it might be poisoned. Diarrhea, seizures, and depression also are signs that toxic ingestion may have occurred. If your pet is throwing up, has difficulty defecating, and mostly lies on the ground doing little else, you should bring it in for a checkup right away.

Get Help for Pet’s Toxic Ingestion in Murrieta, CA

If you suspect your family pet has ingested poison, contact Dr. Telles at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital right away. We will perform a full diagnostic to determine the best possible treatment for your pet. Call our team today at 951-595-7754 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form for non-emergencies.

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