Preparing your kitten for its first visit to the Veterinarian

Preparing Your Kitten for Its First Visit to the Veterinarian

Taking your kitten for their first veterinarian appointment will likely be an exciting yet nervous time for your loved one. That's why it is so important to find an animal hospital near you that you can trust in Murrieta, CA. We provide exceptional care here at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital. We will treat your pet like one of our own. Comfort is essential when preparing your kitten for their first routine exam.

The Check-Up

The veterinarian will perform a regular check-up to ensure that your kitten is healthy and happy. They will examine your kitten's vital organs, eyes, mouth, and ears to make sure that everything is alright. The staff here at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital provides a thorough exam. We will also check to make sure that your pet doesn't host any parasites and screen for signs of disease. It's important to research a veterinarian near you that you can trust.

Make Things Familiar

You can make things less stressful for your pet during their first visit to the veterinarian by making them feel like they're in a familiar environment. Try to play the same music on the way to the exam that your kitten always hears. You can also make your pet comfortable by letting them eat the same meal as on a regular day. It's recommended that you bring some of your kitten's favorite toys to the exam, as that will make them comfortable. Giving your kitten cuddles before the exam will keep them in a good mood.


Ensuring that your kitten is up-to-date on their vaccinations is an essential part of their exam. We want to vaccinate your kitten during their early life stages so they will have a healthy start as they keep growing. We also provide booster shots here at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital.

Quality Veterinary Care in Murrieta, CA

We understand the special bond that you have with your kitten. That's why we are committed to keeping them as healthy and happy as possible! Stop by our office in Murrieta, so we can give your pet a first-class experience at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital.

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