What Your Dogs Poop Is Trying To Tell You

What Your Dog's Poop Is Trying to Tell You

You can glean a lot about your dog's health from their bathroom habits. The shape, size, and consistency of your dog’s feces can provide valuable insights into their overall health. This information can help identify potential health or nutrition issues that might have gone unnoticed. At Murrieta Family Pet Hospital in Murrieta, our team is ready to assist you and your pup with any health concerns they may have. While closely dealing with dog poop may not be your favorite daily activity, it does reveal a great deal about your pet’s well-being.

What Should I Look For?

The most evident sign is watery stools or diarrhea. Unusual pellet excrement can also indicate an issue, such as dehydration or more significant problems like an inflamed colon, mucus, or potentially internal bleeding if you notice blood or dark stools. Any unusual signs should be checked by your veterinarian at your animal hospital.

Other Signs to Look For

Pay attention to other fecal colors, such as yellow or orange, which may indicate liver problems or biliary issues. If your dog has been eating grass, it can produce green feces. Another area of concern is fecal matter that is greasy or grey, suggesting a potential problem with the pancreas.

While checking your dog’s stool every day may not be the highlight of your day, it can inform you of health issues that need professional attention. Ideally, you want to see a solid stool—not too hard, but normal and corresponding with the amount of food they are eating.

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Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you have concerns about anything you observe in your dog’s fecal matter, visit our team at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital in Murrieta. Whether a new nutrition plan is needed or a more serious issue requires attention, we can assist with both.

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