Preparing your puppy for its first visit to the Veterinarian

Preparing Your Puppy for Its First Visit to the Veterinarian

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time filled with lots of joy. Once you have your puppy, though, you need to make sure he is getting the right care for his health. If you're in the Murrieta, CA, area, we at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital can help. You don't need to spend any time searching online for “veterinarian near me” or “animal hospital near me” when you have us on your side.

Your New Puppy Needs Vaccinations

When you take your new puppy to the veterinarian for the first time, you'll want to get the recommended vaccinations to help keep him as healthy as possible. Puppies can contract parvo and other serious diseases if they don't have the proper vaccines but you can reduce the risk of these kinds of issues by following the vet's recommended treatment schedule.

A Routine Exam Will Look for Health Issues

You also want to get your puppy a routine exam to see if he has any health issues that need treatment. You can help your puppy get ready for the adventure of going to the vet by getting him comfortable being handled and traveling. You might be able to do that by touching his mouth, ears, and feet to get them used to it, and by letting him experience being in a crate or carrier for transport.

Get a Routine Exam and Pet Vaccinations from a Veterinarian

If you're searching for “veterinarian near me” or “animal hospital near me,” you don't have to search any longer. At Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, we want to help everyone in the Murrieta, CA, area take good care of their pets. We understand how much fun it is to get a new puppy and we'll work with you on making sure he gets the very best care for a long and happy life. Call us at (951) 595-7754 for a routine exam and pet vaccinations from a “veterinarian near me” at an “animal hospital near me.”

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