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At Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, we know how much you love your pets, because we love them too. You want to do everything you can to keep your pet health and happy for as long as possible. Our veterinarian, Lenette Telles recommends having your pet vaccinated as one of the most effective ways to keep your dog or cat healthy for life.

Just as there are many diseases that threaten humans, there are also diseases that pose a danger to your pets. When your beloved companion keeps an up to date pet vaccination schedule, you know you have done your part to keep your furry friend free from costly or even life-threatening illnesses.

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More About Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccines work just like human vaccines do. Antigens, which resemble a disease-causing organism, are administered to your pet. These cause your pet's immune system to react and build a defense without your pet having to be exposed to the actual disease. After a pet vaccination and with regular boosters, your pet is far less likely to get sick if he or she encounters the disease-causing pathogen at the dog park, in an encounter with a curious new animal or anywhere else.

Pet Vaccinations in Murrieta

To make sure your pet has optimum protection, you need to abide by a recommended vaccine schedule. There are not only different vaccines for different diseases available, but also different combinations and types. Some vaccines are given once; others need boosters to stay effective. How often a booster is needed depends on the vaccine and factors that depend on your pet's lifestyle. We work to create a vaccine schedule that is customized to each pet to give him or her the appropriate level of protection.

Pet vaccines are usually divided into core and non-core vaccines. Cat and dog vaccinations that are considered core vaccines are recommended for every pet. Which non-core vaccinations are recommended will depend on your pet's lifestyle. For instance, a dog or cat that goes outdoors a lot or is frequently boarded will have different vaccination needs than one that is always indoors in a single-pet home. Whether your pet needs certain non-core vaccines will also depend on your pet's age, general level of health, medical history and other factors.

It's never too early to start thinking about vaccinations. Most vaccines can be given to pets who are young as six weeks. Talk to our friendly staff at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital today about how to get your pet off to the start of a long and healthy life!

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