Our Careteam

Practice Manager / Veterinary Assistant
Animals have consistently played a huge role in Valerie’s life, and she’s always been amazed by the bonds that pets and owners share. For her, being able to keep pets healthy for their families is a dream come true! Valerie is proud to serve as Practice Manager and as a Veterinary Assistant here at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital.

Born in Santa Rosa, Valerie has lived with her family in Murrieta since she was in grade school. In 2010, she completed a Veterinary Assistant program and signed on to work with a spay-and-neuter clinic shortly afterward. Next, she became a Room Technician at a five-doctor practice, serving pets there for a year, before moving back to Murrieta and applying here at Murrieta Family Pet Hospital in the spring of 2014. Valerie has been a member of the hospital family since the very beginning!

At home, Valerie has a few loveable pets of her own. She shares her life with a talkative Beagle named Howard and two rescued cats, Eleanor and Daphne.
Client Service Representative
Karla was raised alongside her family pets, and it wasn’t hard for her to fall in love with animal care early on in life. For her, getting to help pets feel better in a hands-on way is a dream come true! She serves as one of Murrieta Family Pet Hospital’s Client Service Representatives.

Karla began her career in the nursing field, caring for human patients. When her sister—who helps pets as a Veterinary Technician—challenged Karla to work with her in the veterinary world, Karla couldn’t pass up the chance! Now, she’s a proud member of the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital team and gets to better the lives of animals and their owners on a daily basis. Karla’s favorite part of her work is the fast-paced nature of the job; there’s truly never a dull moment!

When Karla has free time away from the office, she loves to spend time with her husband and children, read a good book or complete a puzzle, and go for bicycle rides. She and her family share their home with several pets: a Labrador, who is extremely loyal and follows Karla around like her shadow; a cuddle-loving Miniature Poodle; and a rambunctious Chihuahua who loves causing havoc with the other dogs.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Sarah grew up with three sisters, and would often escape the hustle and bustle of the house by going to the backyard to play with the family dogs. The older she got, the more certain she became that the bond between animals and their loving owners was of the utmost importance. Sarah has known ever since childhood that she wanted to do her part to better the lives of pets! She’s thrilled to help animals daily as a Registered Veterinary Technician with the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital team.

Born in Long Beach, California, Sarah moved to Ontario, California with her family at the age of five and spent most of her childhood there. After completing a career-placement course as a Veterinary Assistant during her high-school years, she started her schooling to become a Veterinary Technician in 2000 and began working for a local shelter and at an animal hospital at the same time. In 2007, Sarah joined an internal medicine and critical-care hospital in Irvine, California to deepen her knowledge and experience in the world of animal medicine.

Sarah was happy to join the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital team in 2014 as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She has a particular fondness for surgery, and her favorite part of the job is getting to learn something new nearly every day.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Sarah enjoys crafting—she’s even made a small business out of selling her mason-jar bathroom sets and repurposed items! She shares her life with her husband, Mike, their young daughter, and several family pets. Sarah has a cute pug mix named Mia who was adopted from the shelter Sarah worked at many years ago; and a toy-loving parakeet, Vincent.
Client Service Representative
Ever since she can remember, Taryn’s heart has gone out to animals who don’t have the quality of life that they deserve. For her, being able to make a real difference was incredibly important—that’s why she decided to pursue veterinary medicine and help pets hands-on!

Taryn grew up in Twentynine Palms with her parents and two sisters before relocating to this area with her family. She joined the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital’s care team in October of 2017 as a Client Service Representative, and is undergoing on-the-job cross-training to become a Veterinary Assistant in the near future!

Most of Taryn’s free time away from the office is spent with her family. She has two sons—together, they love to race motocross in the fall and go wakeboarding in the summers—and also shares her home with three canine companions. Jax the Pit Bull mix continues to surprise his owners with all of the things he manages to eat or chew up; Beau is a Pug mix with a face only a mother could love; and Elsa the French Bulldog runs the pack despite being the smallest of the bunch.
Veterinary Assistant
Gianna has been spending time around animals her entire life—she remembers constantly bringing in stray or injured companions during her childhood years. For Gianna, there’s no better feeling than knowing she’s helped a pet in need! She gets to help animals on a daily basis as a member of Murrieta Family Pet Hospital’s care team.

Gianna is originally from Escondido and was still in high school when she signed up for a Veterinary Assistant course to gain her certification. Next, she became a Kennel Technician in Temecula as she started college, then joined the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital team in 2017 to further advance her knowledge and experience in the world of veterinary care. Medically, Gianna likes performing dental cleanings and running laboratory tests; she also has a special fondness for puppy examinations, and loves to help new dog owners get started off on the right paw.

Much of Gianna’s free time away from work is also spent with animals. She loves to ride horses, and hopes to continue on to Veterinary Technician school in the future. At home, she and her family have three Shih Tzus—toy-obsessed Bogie; Cooper, who is a true momma’s boy; and young Ford, who joined the family on Thanksgiving Day of 2017—as well as a pair of cats who go by Meow and Harley.
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