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Fido’s Philosophy

March 20, 2023

You may have heard the old sayings about how owls are the wisest animals. That may be true, but it turns out, our canine companions are also quite astute. We know, Fido sometimes eats socks or runs into glass doors. However, he’s also really smart in his own way, and can be a wonderful friend and mentor. A Temecula, CA veterinarian goes over some of Fido’s Golden Rules below. 

Be Loyal 

No matter what curveballs life throws at you, Fido will stand faithfully by your side. (Granted, he may take off after a squirrel, but that’s another topic.) Be true to those who are good to you! 

Eat Well 

To be fair, Fido may be a bit too enthusiastica about food at times. However, it is important to enjoy your food! Choose nourishing, nutritious foods for both yourself and your four-legged buddy. 


Our four-legged friends definitely have a strong sense of adventure. This can be a great inspiration to go to new places and try new things. There are plenty of great one-tank trips you can take with your canine friend. (Tip: Calafia Beach Park is a great one.)

Show Your Love

One thing that really makes Fido stand out is his unwavering love and devotion. Those charming tail wags and happy dances definitely put smiles on our faces, and brighten up our days. Cherish the time you have with loved ones, and let them know you care.

Get Plenty Of Fresh Air And Sunshine

We mentioned earlier that Man’s Best Friend is a great friend and mentor. He’s also a pretty decent fitness coach. People with dogs tend to be thinner and fitter than those who don’t have pups, and it’s not hard to guess why: all those walks really do add up.

Take Time To Play

Fido is always cute, but he’s super charming when he’s bounding after a ball or Frisbee, or having fun with his favorite squeaky toy. Carve out time for doing things you enjoy! 

Stop And Smell The Roses 

Dogs are wonderful examples of how important it is to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty around us. Enjoy some quiet quality time with your furry bff. Taking long, slow walks with Fido is a great way to relax, unwind, and center yourself.

Is your pooch due for an appointment? Contact us, your San Clemente, CA animal clinic, today! 

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