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Dog Bathing Tips

March 20, 2023

Does your pooch like treats? Probably so. There are a few things that our canine buddies unanimously love, like bacon and belly rubs. There are also some things that Fido is much less enthusiastic about … such as baths. Regardless of your pup’s opinion on the matter, good grooming is important for not just his hygiene, but also his health and comfort. Here, a Murrieta, CA vet offers a few handy tips on bathing your four-legged buddy. 


It’s not a bad idea to dedicate a tote or bag to your pup’s grooming needs. Keep Fido’s shampoo, pet wipes, nail clippers, and brushes in there. If you want to dedicate an old towel to your furry friend’s bath products, keep that in there as well. When it’s time for your furry friend’s beauty session, everything will be in one spot. Only use products made specifically for dogs … human shampoos are too strong for your canine pal, and could strip the oils from his coat. 

Getting Ready

We would recommend brushing your furry best buddy before you bathe him. This will get rid of the dead fur and dander on his coat, so you’ll have less to deal with. (Bonus: you’ll also have less mess to clean up afterwards.) It’s a good idea to put a rubber mat in your tub, to prevent scratches and keep your pooch from slipping. You may also want to get a clear shower curtain and cut a few slits in it, just about the same height and distance apart as your shoulders. Hang it in the tub for doggy bathtime. This will help keep you from getting soaked. 

Getting Fido On board 

If your canine companion tends to bolt and run when he hears the word Bath, you’ll need to work on him a bit, and change his opinion. The best way to do that? Treats! Call Fido into the bathroom, and give him a prized snack. This should be something he doesn’t get too often, like steak. Give him his treat, and then just let him go. You may be surprised at your cute pet’s ‘miraculous’ change of opinion on  his beauty sessions.

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