Senior Cat Care Tips

November is Adopt A Senior Cat Month! If you’re considering adopting a pet, a senior cat may be a great choice. Older kitties are adorable, but they have really a hard time getting adopted. Part of the reason may be that people think senior cats need more care. Just like younger cats, Fluffy will need good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care. What else does it take to keep an older cat purring? Here, a Temecula, CA vet discusses senior cat care.


Kitties certainly are drowsy little furballs. Senior cats spend a pretty good chunk of their time sleeping. Make sure Fluffy has lots of comfy beds!


Playing will benefit Fluffy both mentally and physically. Take time to hold a laser pointer or wand toy for her to chase. Even a few minutes a day will be beneficial.


Your fuzzy pal may have an easier time getting in and out of a litterbox that has low sides. If you have more than one level in your home, put litterboxes on every floor.


Your furball may have a hard time reaching her whole body to groom herself. Help her out by gently brushing her to get the dead hair and dander out of her coat.

Kitty Steps

Fluffy may start to have trouble climbing up to her favorite napping spots. Get some pet stairs for her, or just set out some ottomans so that she can use them as steps.


Keep your cat’s comfort in mind. For instance, if you’re leaving Fluffy home alone, and won’t be back before dark, leave a light on and keep a TV or radio playing for her. Nightlights will your kitty can find her way around more easily at night.


Much like people, senior cats can get easily confused, and are often quite forgetful. Fluffy may forget where her water bowl is, or get lost in the hallway. Your furball may meow loudly when these things happen. Just do what you can to comfort her.


Many senior cats are super cuddly and affectionate, and really just want to be petted. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy, so she feels loved and safe. Just be very gentle when you pick her up or put her down.

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