Cute Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day is August 26th! Fido definitely deserves a day of his own. After all, our canine buddies are not only cute, they’re also smart, loyal, loving, and, of course, hilarious. In this article, a Temecula, CA vet offers tips on how to pamper your pup on his special day.


Toys are of course lots of fun for Fido, but they’re also important to his health and well-being. A fun play session will keep your pooch active, which is great for him physically. Playing also offers your canine pal beneficial mental stimulation. Classic doggy toys, like rope toys, are fine, but you can also offer your pup something new, like a mechanical ball launcher or an automated laser pointer.


Dogs spend about half of their time sleeping. A new doggy bed would be a great gift for your four-legged friend! Senior dogs and large pooches may enjoy comfy orthopedic beds. Smaller dogs may like bolstered beds or beanbag beds.


Nothing is bound to get your pet’s tail going like the thought of a yummy snack. Offer Fido some of his favorite store-bought treats. He can also enjoy some cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat. You can also make something for your furry pal. Look online for recipes that use dog-safe ingredients.

New Digs

Does Fido have a yard to chase squirrels around in? Get him a doghouse! Just be sure to choose one that offers good insulation from the weather.


Many dogs really enjoy learning new things! Making sure your pup knows—and obeys—doggy obedience commands is very important. If Fido already knows basic commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, and Lay Down, teach him something more advanced. Or, show him some cute tricks, like Shake or Roll Over.

Belly Rubs and Ear Scritches

Dogs are extremely loyal, and are always happiest when they are hanging out with their human pals. Pay extra attention to Fido! Indulge him with a long walk or a fun play session. Or, take him to a doggy park and snap some cute pictures of him. No matter what you end up doing, be sure to offer your furry friend lots of ear scritches and belly rubs, so he feels loved and safe.

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