Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These cute little furballs are very lovable little pets! Since your pint-sized pal will live in a cage, it’s important for you to make sure he has a comfy, suitable home. Here, a Temecula, CA vet discusses Guinea pig cage setup.

Choosing The Cage

Choosing the right cage is very important! If you are getting one Guinea pig, you’ll need a cage that is 7.5 square feet, or larger. Cavies love having buddies, so you can keep more than one together. You will need a bigger cage if you do, though. We recommend choosing a cage with wire or mesh sides and a solid floor.


There are many types of substrate available, from fleece blankets to wooden products. Avoid pine or cedar products, which are toxic to cavies.

Adding Space

Do you want to maximize your pet’s living area without giving up too much floor space? Pick a cage with two or more stories. There should be an enclosed ramp for access.


Toys are crucial for your cavy’s health and mental well-being. Many wood, wicker, and even paper objects are fine. Just be careful to avoid things with dangling ropes, small parts, or sharp edges. Items covered in decorative coating, like stain or dye, are also best avoided. Ask your vet for more information.


Your adorable pet will need a hidey-hole to go when he feels scared, or just wants to nap in private. Your cavy will also appreciate some cozies, which are basically tiny sleeping tents for pocket pets.


Did you know that Guinea pigs can be litterbox trained? Training will take time and patience, but will be well worth. If you do get a litterbox, avoid clay and clumping litters. As mentioned above, pine and cedar products are also unsuitable.


Your cavy will need dishes and a water bottle. Grass hay is great for Guinea pigs. Consider adding a hayrack as well.


The old adage about location, location, location also applies to pocket pets. Don’t put your little buddy in direct sunlight, near a fireplace or heater, or in a drafty area. Your furry friend will be most comfortable in a quiet area where he can still see and hear you.

Please feel free to contact us, your local Temecula, CA pet hospital, anytime. We are happy to help!