Don’t Miss Our April Special – Heartworm Awareness!


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Believe it or not, spring will soon be upon us but heartworm is very active in our region. It is a major threat to our beloved pets.

As a veterinarian, it pains me to say that the impact of this particularly nasty, too often, fatal disease is increasing. Heartworm now threatens our pets like never before, and we always worry as we enter the spring mosquito season because our furry loved ones are at risk from acquiring it.

Because the scary part is…it takes only ONE single mosquito bite to inject the disease causing agent to infect YOUR beautiful pet…so don’t take the risk…take action!

All you have to do is Call Us at 951-595-7754 as soon as you read this…For the entire month of April, Murrieta Family Pet Hospital is offering 25% off Heartworm testing with the purchase of 6 months of prevention of either Interceptor Plus or a Proheart Injection from our hospital! 

We are here to take your call…this Anti-Heartworm campaign is our major priority locally right now!

So let’s make sure you’re on schedule with your pet’s heartworm testing and prevention. We don’t want to leave a window of vulnerability open for mosquitoes to bite and transmit the microscopic heartworm larva which mature into 12 – 14 inch long worms living inside your furry loved one’s heart.

Please help us to do a great job taking care of this by scheduling an appointment now…it’s so worth the effort to prevent heartworm disease.

We look forward as always to seeing you soon!
Your pet health team at the Murrieta Family Pet Hospital.

P.S. We’re all animal lovers, so together let’s make sure as many of our pets stay free from this deadly infection as possible. Help spread the word about this important Anti-Heartworm ‘Call to Action’ – have all dogs tested, and give all your pets (cats as well as dogs) the monthly heartworm preventive we prescribe.  In addition, tell your friends to do the same with their furry family members…you might just save them the heartbreak of losing a 4 legged loved one to this preventable disease.

Let’s get it done!