How to Combat In-Home Pet Odors

Let’s face it—sometimes, our pets can develop a bit of an odor… an odor that can start smelling up our homes after a while! What can you do to try and keep pet odors at a minimum? Return your home to its former freshness with these tips from a vet in Temecula, CA:


Start at the very source of the issue: your pet. You’ll be amazed at what regular grooming can do to minimize odors! Brush your four-legged companion on a daily basis; this removes loose and dead hair, preventing it from winding up all over you home, and spreads essential oils from the skin through your pet’s coat. The occasional bath is another great way to keep your pet clean and give them a pleasant odor—always use a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo, and don’t bathe too frequently or you’ll risk drying out the fur.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners simply mask over smells, allowing them to return over time. Odor neutralizing products, on the other hand, combat the enzymes that cause odors at their roots. If your pet has accidents in the house, try using a product made specifically to get rid of urine or fecal stains and odors. Ask your vet for a recommendation on other products that may be useful when it comes to getting rid of pet smells in carpets or furniture.

Pet Beds

Pet beds are a common source of odors; it’s not surprising considering how much time your pet probably spends there! Don’t be afraid to toss your pet’s bed in the washing machine now and again to keep things fresh. You can even sprinkle it with baking soda, allowing it to sit for a few hours before brushing it off and returning it to your pet, to soak up any remnant smells. You might also try this technique on your pet’s blankets or toys.

Veterinary Visit

Still having trouble keeping your pet or home odor-free? It may be time to see the veterinarian, especially if your pet seems especially pungent or has suddenly developed a strong odor. It’s possible that medical issues—parasitic infestation, skin infections, internal health problems, and much more—could be to blame. You’ll want to have your pet checked out immediately to make sure they’re safe.

Do you need to schedule an appointment to have your pet examined by your Temecula, CA veterinarian? Call the office today!

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