Fluffy’s Scratching Habit

Does your kitty have a bad habit of scratching up your sofa or carpet? Fluffy’s nail care regimen isn’t always very popular with her human pals! Read on for some tips from a local Murrieta, CA vet on teaching your kitty better petiquette.

Why Cats Scratch

Fluffy isn’t trying to ruin your favorite armchair . . . even if she does look pleased with her handiwork. Cats have very strong natural instincts about keeping their claws sharp. This makes perfect sense, as in the wild, cats need their claws for hunting, climbing trees, and defending themselves.

Fluffy’s Nail Care Station

Make sure to provide your pet with a suitable scratching post or board. It should be sturdy, so it doesn’t wobble or topple. It should also be tall enough to allow your kitty to stretch out to her full length when she’s doing her nails. Cat towers are great, but you can also just fasten some carpet scraps to a smooth board. Hang it on the wall, just above kitty height. Sprinkle catnip near your pet’s manicure station to encourage her to use it.

Breaking Bad Petiquette

Never punish your kitty for scratching improperly. Because your pet is following her natural instincts, she won’t really understand what she did wrong. In fact, Fluffy may not even associate her behavior with your reaction. As a result, punishment can make your furball feel scared, anxious, or confused. Never yell at or hit your feline pal for misbehaving. You can tell her ‘No’ or ‘Bad Kitty,’ but anything beyond that may backfire. Instead, squirt your cat with water or make a loud noise. Another thing that can help is to put two-sided tape down in the spot she is scratching. Chances are, Fluffy will hate the stickiness, and go elsewhere.


Don’t forget to reward your furball for being good. Offer your furry little diva praise, treats, toys, and catnip for scratching properly. It also won’t hurt to tell Fluffy that she’s being a good kitty, and is the cutest cat in the world. Our feline buddies love being complimented!

Last Resorts

If you aren’t having any luck, consider clipping Fluffy’s claws. This is a painless and temporary solution. You can also ask your vet about using claw caps, which are basically fake nails for kitties.

Please contact us, your local Murrieta, CA pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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